Fried my brain staring at a microwave - On Fire - Truckstop Armageddon (CD, Album)

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  1. My microwave also started doing this, and simply cleaning the waveguide cover took care of the problem. In my microwave, the waveguide cover is on the inside of the microwave, high on the side wall. It's about the size of a playing card, made of plastic or fiberboard. I removed mine for cleaning, but that wasn't necessary.
  2. Jan 11,  · We decided to put a lotto things in the microwave and see what happens! Obviously it went bad and things caught on fire and didn't go well! But i .
  3. Oct 10,  · You can smelt metal in a microwave, and provided you don't actually blow the thing up--which you can do pretty easily if you aren't careful--it's fine. The only toxins are going to be from the blackening, which (1) you can probably remove if you really want to, and (2) are the same toxins on all the food you eat that's even a little bit charred, e.g., stuff on the grill.
  4. If something catching on fire inside the microwave, it will overheating and trip the cavity thermal fuse. Unfortunately this fuse is mounted on the top of the microwave cavity so to access it you need to uninstall the entire microwave, then remove the outer shell so that you can see on the top of the cavity somewhat toward the left.
  5. He put it in the microwave for 5 minutes, turned the potato, and put it back in for 5 more minutes. When he came back to check on it, the potato was on fire. But the picture looks so surreal, it is even possible for a potato to start to glow red? Especially after only 10 minutes in the microwave?
  6. Aug 29,  · Whirlpool received five reports of fire incidents, including one home fire, two fires involving surrounding cabinets, one report of smoke and another of burning odor.
  7. That is fine in a microwave oven, but worrying in a hand-held communications device, because the nearest body part to the aerial is the watery tissue of the brain.
  8. Aug 24,  · Our $ built-in Maytag microwave, less than two years old, simply died last Friday, June 15th. It was working fine earlier in the evening, but when I went to heat up some water later the display was totally dark. The circuit breaker and outlet are fine, and it doesn't work when I plug it.
  9. Oct 13,  · Microwave ovens use microwaves with a frequency of a little over 2GHz. The effect of microwaves on human beings is a heating effect, you will have noticed this while cooking food. The oven door contains a metal mess screen in the front and a clever arrangement of 1/4 wave slots forming a choke around the edge of the door to prevent radiation of.

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