Some Windows Will - John Flomers Primal Cinema - Mysterious Motions Of Memory (CD, Album)

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  1. John Flomer's Primal Cinema's (from here on, I'll just use John Flomer) Mysterious Motions of Memory is a dynamic and adventurous voyage through state-of-the-art electronics and dramatic soundscapes sure to please lovers of dramatic and high voltage keyboard music. The CD starts out with the sound of soft rain and a man reciting a poem (it's included.
  2. This public memory is not to be confused with collective memory. Collective memory may not be, and often is not, accurate; public memory, as constituted by some films, is always accurate. Collective memory is a cultural aggregate-the shared "memory" (or legend, or myth) of many people at once; public or filmic memory is only incidentally shared.
  3. John Flomer has crafted an album filled to overflowing with imagination and artistry. Utilizing a variety of keyboards, but especially piano, as well as lush synth choruses and subtle percussion, Night in the Vapor Jungle is unlike any other ambient album of recent memory. It's warm yet mysterious, as opposed to dark and brooding.4/5(3).
  4. transparent windows to either the real world or the unconscious. The renewed interest in the representation of memory can, in effect, be considered a response to this awareness, because it foregrounds the elements of subjective construction and the narrative logic of textualization in our representation of past events.
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  6. Jul 29,  · For example, you’ll here some memory experts call the Memory Palace technique the Mind Palace. This term appears to come from the world of Sherlock Holmes, and it’s not really accurate. After all, this detective is a fictional character, and we’re here to optimize our memory based on what is really scientifically possible, not.
  7. Jun 06,  · The most compelling evidence to-date (which is to say, not very compelling at all) are anecdotal cases of people with exceptionally strong memories, who tend to specialize in one form of memory recall. The science may have something to say. When our brain forms a memory, it has its own set of standard operating procedures.
  8. Historie. Jak již sám název napovídá, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory je pokračováním; následuje po "Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper", skladbě z druhého a komerčně nejúspěšnějšího alba skupiny, které nese název Images and Words.Cílem skupiny však při vymýšlení názvu pro tuto skladbu nebylo vytvořit dvoudílný výpravný kus - jednalo se o vtip.

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