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  1. noun the grammatical person used by the speaker of an utterance in referring to anyone or anything other than the speaker or the one (third person singular) or ones (third person plural) being addressed. a pronoun or verb form in the third person.
  2. Third person (grammar), a point of view (in English, he, she, it, and they) Illeism, the act of referring to oneself in the third person Third-person narrative, a perspective in plays, storytelling, or movies Third-person (video games), a point of view in video games where the camera is positioned above the player character or characters.
  3. Mar 27,  · Third person writing is a type of writing when one uses the pronouns of third person, i. e. “he”, “she”, “it”, or “they” and all derived from them. Many academic papers demand using third person, because this approach stresses on .
  4. Third Person is a romantic drama film directed and written by Paul Haggis and starring an ensemble cast consisting of Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Moran Atias, Kim Basinger, and Maria Bello. The film premiered at the Toronto Film mounwadisctetheapapithepefofodul.coinfo by: Dario Marianelli.
  5. Sample Third Person Bio. Jenny Han is a senior student at the California State University and currently taking up a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts. As a multimedia student she has trained to perform highly in different fields such as journalism, broadcasting, filmmaking and .
  6. Kids Definition of third person: a set of words or forms (as pronouns or verb forms) referring to people or things that are not being addressed directly Comments on third person What made you want to look up third person?
  7. Third Person Point of View In third-person narration, the narrator exists outside the events of the story, and relates the actions of the characters by referring to their names or by the third-person pronouns he, she, or they. Third-person narration can be further classified into several types: omniscient, limited, and objective.
  8. Jun 18,  · Directed by Paul Haggis. With Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Olivia Wilde. Three interlocking love stories involving three /10(K).

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