Jazz Ordinaire - The Most Serene Republic - Phages (CD)

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  1. Listening to The Most Serene Republic is a sonic experience, to be sure. The album begins with "Humble Peasants," a 3 1/2 minute instrumental that really gets things going on the right track. The sounds of violins warming up open up the album nicely, before making way for marimbas, trumpets, scattered percussion, and of course more violins/5(5).
  2. Most people don't know the Most Serene Republic, but even those who do may have missed this EP -- quite possibly their most coherent and spellbinding statement.
  3. CD | DD Phages is a limited edition tour ep from The Most Serene Republic. If you've seen them live then you're sure to know most of these left-field, ubersonic, time-signature challenging compositions. If you haven't then Phages will give you a glimpse into the world they currently inhabit.
  4. On October 2, Arts & Crafts will release Population, the new studio album by The Most Serene Republic. The album was self-produced by the band in Toronto over the last year, and was inspired by the sprawling suburbs of their hometown of Milton, Ontario. Musically, they sound as grandiose as ever.
  5. Top Most Serene Republic Lyrics Jelly Chamber The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes What He Must Do In The Middle Of Downtown Traffic Stay Ups Shopping Cart People Relative's Eyes Proposition 61 Phages Oh) God King Of No One Jazz Ordinaire.
  6. Feb 01,  · un-official video for Emergency Performance Art Piece, from The Most Serene Republic's EP Phages.
  7. The Most Serene Republic lyrics, The Most Serene Republic discography sorted by album.
  8. The Most Serene Republic. The Most Serene Republic is a Canadian indie rock music group formed in in Milton. The band takes its name from the sobriquet of Venice under the Doges, which was regarded as "The Most Serene Republic of Venice".

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