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  2. win (someone or something) away from (someone or something) win (something) by a hair; win (something) by a neck; win (something) by a nose; win (something) by a whisker; win (something) hands down; win (something) in a walk; win /beat somebody hands down; Win a few, lose a few; win at; win at (something) win away; win back; win by a neck; win by a nose; win hands down.
  3. May 04,  · Directed by Steven R. Monroe. With Corey Sevier, Helena Mattsson, Catherine Hicks, Kayla Madison. As young and recently single parents, Clara and Alex have two completely different styles of parenting. While helicopter mom Clara hovers over her son Oliver, Alex's daughter Emma feels out of touch with her father's life. Their two worlds collide when Alex proposes that his marketing company.
  4. While many people think of negotiations as a competition where one side wins and the other loses, in reality, negotiations involve a more complex mixture of winning and losing. The outcome of almost all two party negotiations can be categorized as win-lose (one party benefits to the detriment of the other), lose-lose (both parties are worse off after the negotiation), or win-win (both parties come out ahead).
  5. Winners never lose, Losers never win, Hollow hearts lie torn apart when dreamers wander in. Winners never lose, Losers never win, So say goodbye to innocence, Let's hope your luck is in! It's harder when you know you've got everything it takes, It always seems there's someone else with all the lucky breaks, The hardest part of all--The truth is.
  6. Win or lose or draw, you always go back and critique your performance and say you could have done things better. Even if I put the guy away in one round, I can go back and say I made a lot of mistakes and need to tighten up. But that's the type of person I am. Improve. Improve. Improve. When I lose I come back stronger than ever.
  7. The surveillance team is likely to lose the target when he enters the park. "Here, geezer, if you don't shift those clock radios, I'll lose sovs." (UK slang: "shift" = sell / "sovs" = sovereigns = pounds) (2) Fail to win: Back in , our pub landlord bet £10, on Brazil to lose against Germany in .
  8. Win or Lose is a premium British clothing brand. All our socks are made with the best cotton yarns, with polyamide and elastane added for strength and stretch. We work closely with 2 excellent and ethical factories in Portugal and Turkey for our socks. Portuguese suppliers are used for the other items in .
  9. Mar 01,  · Win or Lose book. Read 18 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Kicks have the league championship within reach—but do they have wh /5.

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